About Us



The Owasso Police Department has four patrol shifts that provide 24/7 coverage to the City of Owasso. Patrol is divided into four twelve hour shifts. Currently there are twenty officers assigned to the patrol division. 


School Resource Officer

The Owasso Police Department partners with the Owasso Public Schools to provide full time Officers assigned to the schools. 


Criminal Investigations Division

The Owasso Police Department has seven full time detectives that investigate all major crimes. 


Special Weapons and Tactics

Officers can try out for the SWAT Team as openings are available. This team consists of entry teams, CNT teams, and precision rifle teams. 


K-9 Unit

The Owasso Police Department has four K-9 positions. These teams are specialized in certain areas from narcotics detection to tracking. 


Training Division

There are several CLEET Certified Instructors at the Owasso Police Department. In-House training includes Firearms, Custody and Control, LEDT, Less Lethal, and Classroom. 


Honor Guard

The Owasso Police Department has a ten member Honor Guard unit that attends special events, funerals, and ceremonies.