Application Process


Online Application/Background Packet

Applicants must first complete an online application with the City of Owasso at Once the application is received, the applicant will receive further instructions.  The background packet is extensive, and the applicant should begin completing it as soon as possible. The applicant should read the instructions for the background packet completely and follow them.  

Physical Agility Testing/Written Exam

Once approved by Human Resources, the applicant will receive an invitation to attend the physical agility test and the written exam. 

The Owasso Police Department currently utilizes the CLEET physical agility test. The applicant should be familiar with the movements required and be able to perform the movements in the time allotted. The applicant will be given two opportunities to complete the physical agility test. 

The applicants who successfully complete the physical agility test in the time allotted will then move forward to the written exam.  The applicant will be provided a study guide for the written exam from the Human Resources Department prior to taking the exam.  

Oral Review Board

After successfully completing the physical agility test and the written exam, the applicant will be provided with a date and time for their oral review board interview. The applicant should show up to the location on time and be dressed accordingly. 

Chief of Police Interview

 If selected by the Oral Review Board, the applicant will have an interview with the Chief of Police.  


Applicants selected to move forward in the hiring process by the Chief of Police will then be scheduled for a polygraph examination. 

Background Investigation

The applicants who successfully pass the polygraph examination may move to the background investigation process. The applicants should contact their family members, references, and employers to advise them that they will be contacted by the assigned background investigator.