Ride with an Officer




In order to ride with an Owasso Police Officer you will need to do the following:

Read the below policy statement, regulations, and procedures.

Complete the Owasso Police Ride Along form page.

Have your Ride Along form signature notarized, and mail the form to the Owasso Police Department. 

You can also scan and email the notarized document: tharris@cityofowasso.com

A coordinator will contact you by phone to schedule your ride.


The Owasso Police Department encourages open and candid police operations and strives to establish a climate that allows officers to perform their duties with the acceptance, understanding, and approval of the public. Citizens are allowed to ride with officers to promote trust and understanding.


Participants shall wear professional casual clothing. Shorts, sleeveless shirts, and t-shirts will not be acceptable attire.

Participants shall be under the direct control of the police officer.

Officers will not allow participants to enter private homes or other areas where a citizen has a reasonable expectation of privacy without the explicit consent of the citizen. Participants will also not be allowed to photograph and/or videotape within these same areas. 

Participants shall conduct themselves in a civil and courteous manner at all times.

Participants shall not interfere with police officers while in the performance of their duties.

Participants shall not perform police duties. In an emergency, they may take appropriate action to protect themselves and/or officers.

Officers shall not engage in pursuits while participants are passengers in their vehicles.

Officers may request, through their immediate supervisor, that the Ride Along privileges of the participant be terminated for just cause.

Participants shall not carry weapons while they are participating in the Ride Along Program.